Sunday, February 15, 2009

Golden-Agri (Singapore Stock)- An investment counter which can buy and Hold (13 Feb 09 closed at S$0.31)

  1. The Big Box is showing Golden-Agri has completed its down trend cycle.
  2. its has well support at S$0.17
  3. The uptrend line has been formed and Golden_agri will continue to go upward. suitable for investment.
  4. Its has well supprted by 30 days MA.

WCT (9679) is ready to be rally. First target Price RM1.50

  1. WCT has breakout from its flag on 12/2/09. (Done)
  2. WCT will meet its immediate resistance at RM1.20, base on the current market strength, WCT will be able to overcome RM1.20 and it will toward to RM1.50
  3. WCT also just meet its 30 days MA, the transistion from downtrend will change to Uptrend.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Investment in stock market

Investment in stock market.
1)First of all, you must really understand that the investment is to get rich not to get pocket money.

2)But how to get rich from stock market?
The answer is very simple, from every trade you have commited, just to measure that it is 100% return.
Just for an example; if your initial capital is 10K , by successfully invest for 7 times with 100% return, your capital will become 1.28million.The compound rate is very attracting.

3)How can we ensure that our return is 100% return?
You must have your own system to do the measurement and to find out the Gems from the stock market. To have more winning percentage in the stock market , we have to know Fundamental, Technical ,news , and etc. All factor are most equally importance.

4)Beside the system , what else we need ?
Our attitude is the most importance to success or failure. If you have done well from your home work , just set a plan and go for it , execute on what you have plan , patiently to wait for the desire result to be happened. People fail to have a plan , but a well plan never fail the people. Therefore , the attitude on execution a plan and patient is importance.

5)Thanks to be my reader on triggerpoint system.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Technical re-bound is coming on the way

Market has been flooded with blood and dead body anyway. Most of the people has disappointed with the market and blame on US on the subprime lending & Yen Vs dollar issue. Retailer start to leave the market with huge paperloss .

The issue here are force selling and margin call is the key factor to slump the world stock market and no doubt is triggered by US subprime and yen .

And Now, I SEE THE OPPURTUNITY, i can buy the good counter with cheaper price .
technical re-bound is at the corner , 1170 will be the support.
I have started to go in market to do collection on Gamuda, Bursa and etc...
17Aug07 1230hrs market closing price;
Gamuda closed at RM6.05
Bursa closed at RM8.55

The high of the index for this year will be on December.i still believe with my point and market will do it.(Market Boleh)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KLCI (cash market) Break All time high

Our KLCI has break all time high which recoreded on 1994 Jan at 1332 point.
However this morning (17/4/07) has break this historically high.
From the cycle point of view, our CI has move into a new journey which expected this year will keep breaking new high and the strength of CI will be extended to Year 2008.
But now a question arise; how can we maximize our profit in the Market?
Well , these will be a good question for us to deeply think about.
market now is running in term of rotational play,
1)9MP which also split into IDR, East corridor and Northern corridor.
2)Stell play ex: Kinsteel , Ann Joo, Masteel and etc...
3)Broker house stock play: TA, ECM , OSK , Insas and .....
4)Plantation Play.
5)selective Mesdaq play: ASIAEP

I believed , Some Penny Counter in 2nd board and Mesdaq will be in play soon, and their return will be as good as the theme play.
Counter to monitor: Glosoft(0020), 17/4/07 closed at RM0.165

Sunday, December 10, 2006


1)This counter is potentially to go higher, because of its volume increase and the price keep steady moving up.
2)I have enter its warrant at RM0.55, i would think that, in bull market, the warrant will be faster than its mother. refer to attached link for detail ;
3)This counter just break one year high , it will attract TA trader to join in the game.

Re-enter IPOWER

1)In the last week, just 3 trading day, Ipower is easily breakthru 2 resistance line, IPOWER has proved that, its has a very strong uptrend.
2)Base on the Volume from Nov to Dec, we have clearly see that, Ipoweris from accumulation to pushing stage.
3)Base on the Trigger Point System, we would upgrade IPOWER to buy in.
4)The immedaite target for Ipower is located at RM1.47. 5)In TPS, we have 70% to say that, IPOWER will be another IRIS.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Re-enter market , N2N will be a good future counter.

Today re-enter the market again, only pick up on N2N , believed that N2N will give me very good return in coming 2-3months. today bought in at RM 1.87 , my sixth sense telling me, i can get at least 50% return.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Market update on 28/11/06 1630hrs

Market is fishy now, i have unload all my CA counter and Acoustec.
Rest for a while and see how the market perform and wait for another opportunity.
Happy trading and profitable.